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The Question

To quickly develop and adjust financial services, de Volksbank wanted its development teams to use Kubernetes as a Service on AWS. So they asked themselves, who can help us build a production-grade Kubernetes cluster in only one month? Well, Fullstaq can.
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Our Challenge

You can go all out on a Kubernetes cluster, BUT… it has to be maintainable. Because de Volksbank’s team of Kubernetes experts is relatively small, automation and self-service were essential for the bank’s Kubernetes service.
Seeking Fortune in Automation

Seeking Fortune in Automation

The Big Idea: have a core team of Kubernetes experts maintaining the Kubernetes as a Service product on AWS and provide the bank’s development teams clusters on request. That way, development teams do not have to worry about Kubernetes management and can focus on their cluster – all with just one push of a button. 

One push, one month. Where to start? From the outset, it was clear that every cluster should be ready for deployment on every machine at any time. So together with de Volkbank’s developers, we kept the Kubernetes as a Service platform at de Volksbank as close to a standard Kubernetes install as possible. We implemented a limited number of rules through Open Policy Agent to prevent common pitfalls and ensure the sanity of clusters. 

The Kubernetes clusters also needed observability and fully automated workflows. Everything is completely automated from start to finish. De Volksbank can now monitor an endless amount of Kubernetes clusters, which can scale based on the teams’ demand.

About de Volksbank

De Volksbank is the fourth-largest bank in the Netherlands. It’s the driving force behind ASN Bank, BLG Wonen, RegioBank, and SNS, and has about 3.2 million customers. The bank is committed to adapting to its customer’s needs rather than the other way around, and to be a fully climate-neutral bank by 2030.

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