During Edgecase 2024, we will host inspiring presentations, intriguing use cases, demonstrations and deep-dive tech sessions, all focussed on Kubernetes on and at the Edge.

In joining the event, you'll meet developers, engineers and others who all share a love for working with Kubernetes. You can learn more through the different demonstrations and presentations or level up your skills during one of the workshops.  

Between presentations, you can visit the different booths of our sponsors and enjoy the food and drinks. Our trusted Tech Zone will be there again, so you can see engineers on-site getting things done, and lean back during these interesting demonstrations. By the end of the day, you'll be inspired by new projects and the possibilities of Kubernetes, and go home with your exclusive Swag Bag! 

Register now as you certainly don't want to miss this. It's totally free, and food & drinks are included!

We love to see you in Amersfoort.


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Upgraded venue

Edgecase is growing rapidly and in order to accommodate everyone, we moved to the beautiful and unique venue: De Rijtuigenloods in Amersfoort.

You step into 100 years of railway history in this grand, historical barrack. The industrial space has many authentic historical aspects and allows us to have space for all of you attending the event! Another benefit of the Rijtuigenloods is that it's next to Central Station Amersfoort, making the venue very accessible for everyone joining by public transport. 

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Speakers & Trainers


Bart Farrell

MC & HOST: CNCF Ambassador and DoK Community LeadeR

Bart Farrell is a CNCF Ambassador and Freelance Content Creator, event host, and community consultant. He brings creativity and passion to everything he does, whether it's rapping about Kubernetes or producing creative videos to bring technical concepts to life.


Gerrit Tamboer


Gerrit Tamboer is the CEO and co-founder of Fullstaq, with a solid technical background. After years of Kubernetes implementations, Gerrit has traded his terminal for spreadsheets and PowerPoint. Next to his responsibilities as CEO, he also gives advice as business consultant. Here he assists clients in their journey from technical logistics to strategy.

Cheryl Hung

Cheryl Hung

Senior Director

Cheryl brings engineers together to build the future of infrastructure, especially cloud native and open source. As Senior Director at Arm, Cheryl leads ecosystem strategy to drive adoption across cloud, 5G and networking. She also founded the Cloud Native London meetup with 8000+ members and monthly events.

Erwin de Keijzer - Fullstaq

Erwin de Keijzer


Erwin de Keijzer is a DevOps consultant at Fullstaq. He loves cloud native applications and just wishes that everyone would make all software with the 12 factor app guidelines incorporated. When not working for Fullstaq, he loves connecting stuff to the internet, including his garage door, smart meter and home elevator.

David Sterz

David Sterz

Solutions Architect

David has been a computer fan since 1987 - where he started on a 4Mhz 8086 PC learning DOS commands to start games. Nowadays he works as a Solutions Architect with 16+ years of cloud computing experience of designing, building operating and optimising platforms for teams preferably on Kubernetes for Hybrid- and Public-Clouds and Edge computing scenarios. In his free time, he enjoys playing retro games, preferably on Japanese consoles.


Kevin Tijssen

Cloud native engineer 

Kevin Tijssen is a Cloud Native Engineer at Fullstaq, specializing in Kubernetes, Infrastructure-as-Code, pipeline automation, and cloud technologies. With a wealth of experience in Cloud Native and DevOps roles, Kevin brings valuable expertise to Fullstaq. He is dedicated to driving cloud-native transformations and enhancing operational excellence.

Lian Li

Lian Li


Lian always wanted to save the world. After dropping out of law school, she decided to work with computers instead. While in Web Dev, she started attending and speaking at tech events, and soon fell in love with the tech community. In her roles as Developer, Consultant and Developer Advocate, Lian combines technical knowledge with an understanding of the human condition.


Eelko de Vos

Cloud native engineer 

Eelko has been fascinated by artificial intelligence since he was a little boy. From Asimov’s worlds he fell into the academic world of A.I. where he went on to programming large dynamic web systems during the internet explosion in the early ’90s. Through building websites. he entered the realm of virtualizations to end up as a cloud engineer at Fullstaq. But his little boy’s heart still skips a beat when it comes to A.G.I. systems.

Pauline Vos

Pauline Vos

Software engineer & consultant

Pauline is a freelance software engineer and consultant. She likes good, clean software design and being as efficient (lazy) as possible. Also cocktails, video games and animal memes. She lives in Amsterdam with her family and a bunch of plants.


Bas Bremer


Bas Bremer is a DevOps engineer and enthusiast with a specialization in AWS, Kubernetes & Automation. Bas has worked with both Linux and Windows Kubernetes Clusters and has a strong focus on automation. He’s eager to learn new things and likes to help organizations in their Cloud Native journey.


Joeri Vrijaldenhoven


Joeri is a Cloud Native developer who works as a Golang Engineer for the Vereniging van Nederlandse Gemeenten (VNG) which is the central association for municipalities. Within Project Haven he is responsible for the development of the Standard. As a side project he develops an app to learn Ancient Greek.

Alba Ferry - Sysdig

Alba Ferri

Senior customer solutions engineer

Alba Ferri is a Senior Customer Solutions Engineer at Sysdig, where she helps customers deploy and integrate Sysdig products seamlessly. With over fifteen years of experience in Monitoring, Operations, and Networks, Alba is an Open Source and Cloud Native enthusiast who loves to enhance Kubernetes security and performance!

Marcel Claassen - Sysdig

Marcel Claassen

sr sales engineer

Marcel is known for his focus on cyber security and threat detection, he is CISSP certified and he has more than 20 years of experience in the IT and Security field. In his spare time he loves home automation projects and his most recent tinkering resulted in a solar-heated pool automated via a Raspberry Pi, some Java and a K3S cluster.








Edgecase: Reflecting on 3 Years of Change 

By Gerrit Tamboer

Three years ago, when we launched Edgecase, the industry was just beginning to explore the potential of bringing Kubernetes to the edge. Today, implementations are rapidly increasing, and many companies are harnessing the power of Kubernetes at the edge. But what is the current state of the industry? Are we truly ready for widespread adoption?

Gerrit Tamboer

Key Trends Shaping Cloud Native and Edge Infrastructure

By Cheryl Hung

In this session, Cheryl will explore the key trends shaping Cloud Native and Edge Infrastructure, examining their current impact and potential future developments. She will discuss how these trends are likely to evolve in the short and mid-term, and offer insights on how organizations can leverage these advancements to adapt and thrive. Join us to gain actionable strategies for staying competitive and fostering growth in an ever-changing landscape.

Cheryl Hung

The Edgecase Advantage: Building Modern Go Apps with gen-AI in Kubernetes 

By Joeri Vrijaldenhoven

ἀρχὴ δέ τοι ἥμισυ παντός.
Well begun is half done - proverb found in Lucian’s dream.
.env file? if env == “development”? docker-compose up? These have long been part of app development to recreate a development environment that is as much production-like as you can get on your local machine. But they tend to just take a slice of the truth for example running sidecars in docker-compose is a pretty terrible experience. Needing database access locally tends to just use an admin password. Tools such as Skaffold, MirrorD, Delve, and Air all take great steps to take development to the next level. When you combine this with the coming of gen-AI development on your local machine is changing fast. So join me during this talk and let’s build a Golang API using these techniques, see advantages and drawbacks as we live code and deploy!


Cowboy Stories from The Wild West of Open Source 

By Eelko de Vos & Erwin de Keijzer

Since the dawn of Cloud Native, our consultants at Fullstaq have encountered all kinds of surprises. Unintelligible project decisions, tools with Jackyll-and-Hyde attitudes and tiny changes leading to big issues. We have seen the Good, the Bad and the Ugly and know what it feels like to bite the bullet.

For your amusement and education we will give you some of the best digital cowboy stories in our corner of the Open Source world. And we will crown the Edgecase cowboy of the year for the best story!

Erwin en Eelko

Rebuilding the Raffler: Real-time Communication with Mercure

By Pauline Vos

At AmsterdamPHP, we've created a raffler to raffle off prizes every meetup. It was using Websockets to communicate between clients in real-time. It quickly became apparent that Websockets as a protocol is a little too bare-bones for our use case.

Enter Mercure! A new RTC technology developed by the people behind API Platform. In this talk, we'll take a look at how I rewrote the raffler to use Mercure, which will cover set-up and usage for most people's use cases.

Pauline Vos

Secret Management: The Soft Way

By Lian Li

Secrets. Security best practices mandate that they stay away from the code—or else! And that’s what we did for a long time.
But as CI/CD practices evolved, for a myriad of reasons, we now want to ship the code, the environment, and the secrets, all in one lump. So, we can’t hide the secrets anymore… unless?
Tools like HashiCorp Vault attempt to address this by managing secrets outside the delivery chain. Great! But you can’t use those inside local dev environments, so… When that’s precisely what you need to do, then what?
In this talk, Lian will show the audience how to manage secrets the GitOps way, so you can maintain security best practices while also being able to use them in your local environment for development. Sound like magic? That’s because it is.

After this talk, the audience will be able to understand secret management solutions that work seamlessly in a variety of environments.

Lian Li

eBPF - The Superpowers to Secure Your K8s Clusters

By Alba Ferri

Discover how eBPF can give your Kubernetes clusters superpowers! This talk dives into the magic of eBPF, a game-changer for Kubernetes observability and security. With eBPF, we can now collect metrics, analyze bottlenecks, and monitor network traffic in ways we never thought possible.

We'll focus on Falco, an open-source tool that uses eBPF to catch bad behavior in real-time. See how Falco integrates with Kubernetes to keep an eye on system calls and kernel-level activities, making your clusters tougher and more secure.

Join us to learn how eBPF can transform your approach to Kubernetes security, making your infrastructure more resilient and ready to tackle modern cloud-native challenges.

Alba Ferri - Sysdig

Going Retro: What we can learn from old game consoles for the modern art of running Kubernetes at the edge 

By David Sterz

If you like Kubernetes and old consoles and are curious about what they have in common join this session!

Enjoy nostalgic feelings by travelling back to the good old times of the 8-bit era and let's have a look at how we run Kubernetes at the edge today in 64-bit environments.

Get practical ideas for your Kubernetes setup at the edge inspired by the fascinating retro consoles we all love and how this can be used for alternative approaches to trade off performance vs. costs vs. reliability.

David Sterz - Mindcurv





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Edgecase workshops

Workshop registrations

Aside from the presentations and general spaces full of activities, we have workshops at the ready! Learn about how Talos can help you manage your clusters or experience Kargo during the build of a deployment pipeline. More workshops will be announced soon, so stay tuned!

You can attend the workshops for free, you just need to register in advance.

You will receive a separate mail to register for the workshops. 


Talos: Up and Running from Scratch

By Erwin de Keijzer and Kevin Tijssen

Talos as an operating system is currently hot and happening. During this workshop, Kevin and Erwin introduce you to the declarative way of Kubernetes clusters and how to manage them with Talos. 

What is an immutable OS? How do you bootstrap Talos? How do you upgrade your Talos? That, and more questions will all be answered during this hands-on workshop.

Supporting the theory, Kevin and Erwin will be giving demos, after which the hands-on part of the workshop starts. Here, you will define your own cluster, bootstrap and upgrade this. Along the way, there's room for questions about specific use cases. 

Erwin & Kevin - Workshop

Your First Experience with Kargo

By Bas Bremer

Recently Bas gave a talk about his first experience with Kargo. Kargo is described as a next-generation continuous delivery and application lifecycle orchestration platform for Kubernetes. More information about Kargo can be found on the website.
During this workshop, Bas will guide you into your first experience with Kargo. You will build a basic and advanced deployment pipeline together with him.
After the workshop, you will have a solid understanding of Kargo and its possibilities.
In order to properly partake during this workshop you will need:

  • Laptop with:
    Docker Desktop installed
    Kind installed
  • It’s nice if you already have experience with GitOps tools like ArgoCD.

Fast-Track to Cloud Security: Attack, Detect, and Defend in Minutes

By Marcel Claassen

This workshop offers a technical exploration of cloud security without any sales influence and underscores the importance of quick action in the dynamic field of cloud security. Since time efficiency is crucial and cloud attacks can unfold in just 10 minutes, we are setting a “5-5-5” benchmark” for cloud attacks. The “5-5-5” Benchmark challenges participants to detect threats in 5 seconds, triage in 5 minutes, and respond in 5 minutes. 

In this 60-minute session real cloud attacks, such as SCARLETEEL, are simulated, allowing attendees to practice their defense strategies and is intended to enhance cybersecurity skills and instill a proactive mindset. Participants will gain expertise, an improved understanding and a readiness to anticipate and counteract against evolving cloud threats.

Marcal Claassen

Participate in the Kubernetes event 

This event is a must-attend for any technologist who is interested in containerization, Kubernetes, and IT innovation in general. We would love to have you there as a sponsor, as you really can't miss this! 

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