Fabian Met

Webinar host @ Fullstaq


Joeri Vrijaldenhoven

DevOps Engineer @ Fullstaq


0.00 – 0.05 u - Welcome, Introduction and house rules by Fabian 

0.05 – 0.35 u – Open Source Project Overview by Joeri 

0.35 – 1.05 u – Code Deep Dive by Joeri 

1.05 – 1.20 u – Panel discussion & Q&A with Joeri and Fabian


About my Open Source Project

Odysseia - the famous story of Homeros about the wanderings of the main character and king of Ithaca: Odysseus. It is a well-known name with a meaning behind it of a difficult and arduous journey. For me, that is a quality that fits with learning Ancient Greek, specifically Attic. Privately, I have been learning Ancient Greek for some time now, a fascination that started during my history studies. My own Odysseia has now made me an IT professional, and this has also led to the project that I want to present. What once started as a flask backend with statically loaded JSON has grown into a modern cloud-native application with dozens of components. The aim is to be interactive with Ancient Greek (think of the app Duolingo).

Curious about my Open Source Project? Then watch back our recording.