Decision-making on major technical challenges can be sleep-depriving. What is the right way to go forward? It’s difficult to oversee the implications of your options and even harder to get people on board with your plans. You could, of course, hire a consultant – but isn’t that just deferring the problem? You may end up with a tech implementation that nobody supports nor understands.

We get that you don’t need endless slide decks or yet another waterfall project; you need a team that has dealt with a wide range of technical challenges. Have a chat with Guston on +31 (0) 850 605 804 to see how we can help you with your technology challenges.

Future proof solutions

Future proof solutions

Flexible team

Flexible team

Implementation and adoptation

Implementation and adoptation


Skilled Teams: Ready for Change

Anybody can tell you the importance of Agile and Scrum in software development. But nobody tells you what you should put on your tech roadmap. We help you figure that out.  

With the Fullstaq team, you set the proverbial dot on the horizon. We help you define the problem, and based on that, create a strategy and roadmap. Always with the bigger picture in mind and the right people in the team. 

We have a flexible team ready for you. As the project, plans, and insights evolve, we’ll hand-pick the team accordingly – without any hassle for you. The required skills may change; the quality never does.

Why Choose Skilled Teams?

We pride ourselves on excelling in the technical implementation AND knowing how to promote technical decisions throughout the organization. Consider Skilled Teams your all-access-pass to every single one of our engineers and their knowledge. 

In every phase of your project, you need different skills. You might first need advice on the impact of technical decisions, while later on, you would benefit more from a DevOps coach, for example. By choosing Skilled Teams, you ensure that you always have the right people engaged.

If you have already defined your roadmap and know what you need, you might want to check out our Interim Engineering options. 

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