About Kubernetes for Administrators

About Kubernetes for Administrators

We designed this course for those who already have hands-on experience managing servers and want to explore Kubernetes and what it can do for you.

The Kubernetes for Administrators course covers many topics: deployment strategies, configuration, Pods, Services, and Ingress – to name a few.

All talk and no action? Definitely not! Bring your A-game to the Kubernetes for Administrators training.

Through hands-on workshops, we’ll have you containerize and deploy applications to a Kubernetes cluster in no time.

Our trainers will put you to work! Pick their brain while you’re at it: they are true experts and happy to share their first-hand experiences and war stories.

Quick Facts

  1. For Who

    Anyone who wants to learn Kubernetes and already knows what it takes to manage servers and/or applications on them.

  2. Requirements

    You should be familiar with modern applications and understand how to execute and test source code on your own machine. Docker experience is a bonus.


  1. Time Investment

    The complete course takes four full days. 

  2. Pricing

    Get in touch.


What You’ll Learn

  • How Linux containers allow applications to be run in isolation
  • How applications map to Kubernetes Pods and are exposed using Services
  • The purpose of core Kubernetes resources (Pod, ReplicaSet, Deployment, Service, Labels)
  • The inner workings of Kubernetes
  • Strategies for autoscaling applications and clusters
  • Considerations when running legacy applications
  • Overview of the security considerations required to run applications on Kubernetes

What to Expect

The program of this training course is designed to take your Kubernetes skills to the next level so that you can confidently work with a Kubernetes cluster in a team. If you want to take the CKA exam, this training is the perfect preparation for it. 

Day 1 of Kubernetes for Administrators

Day 1 of Kubernetes for Administrators

You’ll gain a deep understanding of containers, pods, and pod controllers. Your teacher will mix theory and practice so that you can experience the value of applied knowledge. All the topics are accompanied by hands-on labs in which you’ll get to practice and collaborate with the other participants. 

After day one, you’ll be able to build a container and play with layers, build, edit, delete and recreate a pod, and manage pods through controllers such as daemonsets and deployments.

Topics: containers | layers | pods | Kubectl command | yaml spec | namespaces | pod controllers | daemonsets | deployments | statefulsets | replicasets

Day 2 of Kubernetes for Administrators

Day 2 of Kubernetes for Administrators

Day two is all about Kubernetes clusters. You will explore the Kubernetes ecosystem so that you know how to create a cluster and how to manage one. Your teacher will make sure you’ll gain hands-on experience in labs and will save plenty of time for any questions you might have.

After day two, you’ll be able to install Kubernetes and install a Kubernetes cluster in a Linus environment. Not only will you feel confident about creating clusters, but you can also manage it: you’ll bootstrap a cluster, restore clusters, troubleshoot, and more.  

Topics: Kubernetes layout diagram | components | dependencies | backup etcd | node lifecycle | broken clusters

Day 3 of Kubernetes for Administrators

Day 3 of Kubernetes for Administrators

On day three, it’s time to talk about services and Ingress. You will get to explore different service options and use Ingress. You will learn the differences between configmaps and secrets. You will execute configmap and secret tasks to prepare for the CKA exam. Also, you will investigate auto-healing. 

After day three, you’ll be able to expose applications via a service and configure via configmaps and secrets, so that you manage your workloads safely and securely. In addition, you understand how to let Kubernetes manage your application through auto-healing and automatic scaling.

Topics: Ingress | configmaps | secrets | healthprobes | resource limits | autohealing | automatic scaling | Metrics server | HPA

Day 4 of Kubernetes for Administrators

Day 4 of Kubernetes for Administrators

On your final day of training, you’ll explore different storage solutions, learn all about securing your workloads, how to use custom controllers, and investigate deployment strategies. Through workshops and labs, you’ll internalize all your newly found knowledge. 

After day three, you can share a volume between two containers in the same pod, build a manual PV and use it in a pod, allow and prevent pods from reading nodes and configmaps, use a controller and deploy with Helm and Kustomize.

Topics: storage | storage classes | manual PV’s | security | authentication | authorization | external DNS | Cert Manager | Helm | Kustomize

Why You Should Trust Us to Take YOU to the Next Level

Fullstaq is a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider (KSCP), and we have years of experience helping our customers successfully implement and adopt Kubernetes. That means your teachers are highly-qualified experts who know first-hand what Kubernetes entails. They’ve been around the block and are excited to share their hands-on knowledge and learnings. 


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