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With our broad experience working for small companies to very large multinationals, we are completely infrastructure independent and are specialists in the field of Open Source, DevOps, Cloud Native and high-traffic webhosting.

We use our wide expertise to help customers tackle their complex technology problems. We thrive to go beyond the service most traditional infrastructure vendors offer by working closely together with your software development teams and integrating the DevOps mentality, toolstack and best practices.

We are not a vendor, we are your partner!

What our clients say.

Fullstaq has been helping us to set up service discovery with Consul and environment provisioning with Terraform, shaping into our existing tool stack. They have not only been involved in implementation but also participated in goal definition and brainstorm sessions towards workable solutions. To simply describe them in a few words, they are communicative, dependable, efficient and cooperative. It is a pleasure to work with them!

Marjana Shammi – DevOps & Test Manager @ IceMobile

Technically solid, team players and pragmatic at the same time. Fullstaq leveraged our project team on several occasions, their help was essential to deliver high end infrastructure solutions to our Clients.

Nazareno Avila – Managing Director @ Mindcurv

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