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Who We Are – Pleased to Meet You

We are Fullstaq. We are a fast-growing cloud-native IT Services company that helps both start-ups and enterprises realize their Kubernetes ambitions. We succeed in cloud-native.

We highly value personal connections with cloud vendors, clients, our team, and the cloud-native community. Thanks to that, our reputation as a trusted, secure partner is unprecedented.

We integrate the DevOps mentality, tool stack, and best practices in everything we do. We are specialists in Linux, DevOps, DataOps, Kubernetes, Observability, Cloud, and Cloud-Native. Fullstaq is entirely infrastructure-independent – and proud of it.

We Value



We outclass ourselves to help you succeed in cloud-native.



We genuinely love our jobs. We love Fullstaq – and it’s contagious.



We love to work with everyone, and for everyone. Whoever you are.



We are an opinionated ally and implementation partner for growth and innovation.

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Once Upon a Time…

In 2016, two befriended engineers, Gerrit Tamboer and Fabian Met, joined forces and founded Fullstaq. The duo invested heavily in gaining knowledge, worked on cool, innovative projects, and boosted brand awareness. They did a good job: the demand for their expertise increased immensely in 2018. 

Gerrit and Fabian decided on the future: Fullstaq was to become a knowledge center as it is today. With Marije Titulaer and Guston Remie added to the management team, they continued working on the growth and quality of Fullstaq. 

Now, Fullstaq is the first certified Kubernetes consultancy agency in the Netherlands (KCSP). We help many companies tackle complex technology challenges and play an active role in the cloud-native community. As we are eager to share our first-class cloud-native expertise, we invite you to join a training session, share knowledge, and engage with us.

We want to succeed in cloud-native – together.


In Juli 2023, Fullstaq joined The Digital Neighborhood. A community of 12 other companies with whom we can grow together. Joining the neighborhood allows us to learn from each other and work on projects together. We're very excited about working with our new neighbors. 


Our Tech Partners

Rackspace Partner Fullstaq
Rancher Platinum Partner
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CNCF-Cloud Native Computing Foundation Partner
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Kubernetes Certified Service Provider Partner
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