Are you ready to grow?

Becoming an excellent Cloud-Native Engineer isn’t easy, but we’re here to support you and make it happen - every step of your way.



Step 1: Get hired

Start your career at Fullstaq as a DevOps Engineer.

Step 2: Contribute

Work on DevOps projects for our clients.

Step 3: Study

Join training courses on everything related to Cloud-Native.

Step 4: Gain experience

Anything from short consultancy projects, joining a Fullstaq client team to supporting managed services clients.

Making it Official

To be officially promoted to Cloud-Native Engineer, you need to have gained:

  • Your CKA or CKAD certification
  • AWS, GCP, or Azure certification
  • A specialized certification, like Terraform or Rancher
  • Hands-on experience with Kubernetes or cloud implementation

Once you tick all the boxes, you’ll prepare a use-case for us to assess. To help you prepare for the assessment, we will provide you with the right study materials.

Aced the use-case? Consider yourself a Fullstaq Certified Cloud-Native Specialist.


Have You Got What it Takes?

To qualify for the Cloud-Native Growth Program, we need you to have:

  • A solid knowledge of open source, supported by good Linux knowledge
  • Knowledge of modern automation, like IaC (Puppet, Chef, Ansible)
  • The ambition and drive to grow
  • Enough experience to contribute to DevOps projects from day one.

Are you ready for it? Get in touch because that one small step could lead to a giant leap in your cloud-native career.

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