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You know a lift-and-shift migration from traditional applications and platforms to the cloud is an ineffective option. But what should you do? Should you choose IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS, and why? How do you ensure cost-effectiveness? It’s not easy to get started with cloud adoption and migration, and even along the way, challenges may arise. Those challenges are not only of a technical nature; going to the cloud requires a new way of thinking.

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Expert in public and private providers

Expert in public and private providers

Start-up and enterprise experience

Start-up and enterprise experience

Migration from initial idea to delivery

Migration from initial idea to delivery


Bring Your Platform and Mindset to the Cloud

You probably want to migrate your applications and platforms to the cloud because of the promised elasticity and cost-effectiveness. We get that, and we can help. 

We can help you architect and build your cloud platform while maintaining cost-effectiveness and resiliency. We can even take the entire migration off your hands if you’d like. But first and foremost, we can help you understand the technical and cost implications of “going to the cloud.” Fullstaq will give you full disclosure on the impact of your cloud ambitions and help you make decisions.

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It All Comes Down to Efficiency

Efficiency is key in cloud adoption and migration. It all starts with determining an efficient architecture and migration plan. Done right, it speeds up the migration process massively – the shorter the migration time, the lower the additional costs. 

On top of that, you can rely on Fullstaq engineers’ deep knowledge of DevOps processes and containerization developments. If there’s an opportunity to boost efficiency anywhere in the architecture or process, we’ll make it happen.

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