The ever-changing and always-expanding cloud-native landscape makes it nearly impossible to make the right software and tooling decisions. Kubernetes IS the name of the game right now, but should you hop on board? What can you expect? And what shouldn’t you expect? Kubernetes and containers will fix all your issues – or will they?

If you’re feeling puzzled by the extensive cloud-native landscape, we’re happy to help you put the pieces containers together. Just give Guston a call: +31 (0) 850 605 804

Seasoned team of engineers

Seasoned team of engineers

Kubernetes Certified Service Provider (KSCP)

Kubernetes Certified Service Provider (KSCP)

On-premise or cloud, we do it all

On-premise or cloud, we do it all


Adopting Kubernetes Doesn’t Have to Be a Struggle

Just using containers and deploying to Kubernetes solves… nothing. You need a complete platform with observability and automation pipelines to get your stack to the next level. Rewriting your software stack to envelop the container ideology better is a great start. Still, to properly utilize the power of containers with Kubernetes, you need experience – and a lot of it. 

We have plenty of Kubernetes and container experience and tackle the most difficult challenges, everything from persistent storage to cluster federation. We’re even the first certified Kubernetes consultancy agency in the Netherlands. You can count on us to guide you in adopting the container ideology and way of working, ensure observability, and lower your time to market through continuous deployments.

You Are in Good Company


United We Thrive

Let’s both do what we do best. Let us build and run complex application architectures in container platforms while you focus on writing software and growing your business. Sound fair?

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