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The Question

Developers feared their time off as Route.nl’s platform could crash anytime, and it did - all the time. Route.nl called us to figure out a better way to manage their platform so that developers, too, could enjoy routes, trails, and tracks during their holiday.
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Our Challenge

Over the years, Route.nl built up a lot of legacy. All for the right reasons and with good intentions, but it was no longer sustainable. To utilize the power of Kubernetes to automate everything, Fullstaq and Route.nl had to rebuild the entire application stack from scratch.

Getting Route.nl on Track with Kubernetes

Maintaining the Route.nl platform was challenging, unclear, and demanding. It didn’t take the developers at Route.nl and the Fullstaq engineers long to agree on containerization through Kubernetes. The AWS cloud was already in use and was a great foundation to build upon.

To free Route.nl of the monolithic and aged application set, the combined team set out to automate everything that could be automated. We created an automated build process, integrated proper and reproducible deployment pipelines, and implemented self-healing.

The new platform is stable and only allows for planned downtime. Route.nl’s developers are no longer putting out fires; they now use short feedback loops to improve their platform continuously.

About Route.nl

Route.nl enables people to get active. On the website and in the app, people can find, create, and share walking and cycling routes in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany.

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