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The Question

PQR was building a VMware based platform for a Dutch Ministry in a timeframe of only four months. With such a massive workload, the PQR team could use some help and asked us to design and implement the Kubernetes container platform.
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Our Challenge

No Internet. No external connections at all. We had to implement Kubernetes in an air-gapped environment. Every decision in architecture, software selection, and implementation had to be based on that prerequisite from the get-go.
Setting Kubernetes Loose in a Highly Restricted Environment

Setting Kubernetes Loose in a Highly Restricted Environment

The VMware based platform PQR was building for the Dutch government needed a container platform on top of it to accelerate software development and delivery. We were, of course, eager to help. PQR worked on the foundation of the infrastructure while the container platform was under the care of Fullstaq’s container platform experts.

The Kubernetes implementation was a little different than usual: it had to happen in an air-gapped environment. Deployments of present-day container platforms like Kubernetes often require an Internet connection, while we only had an air-gapped datacenter. So we wrapped our heads around the implications every step of our way – from selecting software and designing the platform to implementation.

We committed to this air-gapped project AND its airtight planning. Within four months, we designed the container architecture and implemented the Kubernetes container platform with Rancher.

About PQR

PQR is a Dutch cloud integrator and a well-established expert in VMware. PQR has been awarded the VMware Principal Partner status.    

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