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The Question

A social post by BALR. resulted in so much traffic its only server couldn’t handle it - the website went down. BALR. asked us to get the site live again. Asap. But the real question was how to make sure this would never happen again.
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Our Challenge

No time to waste and no room for a scattershot solution either. We quickly decided to migrate to the cloud - over the weekend.
This Just Might Be the World’s Fastest Cloud Migration…

This Just Might Be the World’s Fastest Cloud Migration…

A scalable and future proof solution for the webshop could only be found in the cloud, we quickly concluded with BALR.’s lead developer. The management team was eager to make it happen fast. So we moved the entire application to the AWS Cloud, including automation and CI/CD, over the weekend. 

Fullstaq engineers worked on both code and infrastructure changes. The short lines of communication were essential for this cloud migration at warp speed, after which the website never went down again. 

In subsequent weeks, we advanced the BALR. platform even further by replacing IaaS services with PaaS and improved the webshop’s observability by implementing CloudWatch Logs and New Relic. And of course, we implemented preemptive scalability by having marketers plan their social posts on a marketing calendar. BALR.’s social posts can go viral again, worry-free.

About BALR.

BALR. sells fashion, travel products, and accessories for men and women in stores and through its online platform. BALR. is an international luxury lifestyle brand founded by Dutch professional football player Demy de Zeeuw and internet entrepreneurs Ralph de Geus and Juul Manders.

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