Driving home for Christmas with the Fullstaq Podcast Holiday Special

[NL] met Fabian Met, Gerrit Tamboer, Erwin de Keijzer, Eelko de Vos en Andreas Prins


In our first (Dutch) podcast episode, we recap on 2023 and look forward to 2024. What's to come in the lands of Kubernetes? We're interviewing Erwin de Keijzer about how he got to automating his home and what inspires him for his projects. Eelko talks more about AI, and how we should use it and explains the good and the bad of tools like ChatGPT or Github CoPilot. 

Andreas Prins, CEO of StackState explains what it's like to launch a product in the digital landscape and which three pitfalls are a danger that many forget. Fabian and Gerrit reminisce about the early days of Fullstaq as well as what it's like to change positions through the years in a growing company and the impact it has or how it changed their involvement in the Cloud Native landscape. 

Enjoy this episode. Everyone at Fullstaq wishes you Happy Holidays and may your 2024 be a good one 🚀✨!