Gerrit Tamboer en Marilou van Doorn from Fullstaq and True, announcing the merger

Lexmond, 27 May 2024 – Cloud-native expert Fullstaq and Managed Cloud specialist True, both part of The Digital Neighborhood, will merge under the name TrueFullstaq from 1 October 2024. This strategic move by The Digital Neighborhood will establish Fullstaq and True as leading cloud-native players in the North European market. By leveraging the vast expertise of the group’s 1,335 consultants, engineers, and employees, TrueFullstaq will enhance both brands' ability to effectively serve The Digital Neighborhood’s 2,400 customers.  

TrueFullstaq will combine the unmatched expertise of both Fullstaq and True to establish a leading presence in the cloud-native market. Fullstaq's services help companies realize their Kubernetes ambitions with innovative power and cloud-native solutions such as migrations and deployments. This perfectly complements the services of True, managed hosting and managed cloud services, enabling its customers to achieve their ambitions with optimally performing websites, webshops, and web applications. 

Both organizations are pioneers in the Netherlands when it comes to Kubernetes, drawing from their background in the open-source community. They have helped hundreds of companies successfully run their applications on Kubernetes, maximize its benefits, and provide perfectly running custom infrastructure.  

Last summer, Fullstaq joined The Digital Neighborhood, a dynamic community of tech companies collaborating in the Cloud and AI space. Gerrit Tamboer, CEO of Fullstaq, comments: "From the outset, we recognized the synergy between Fullstaq and True. This merger enables us to offer a truly unique, end-to-end service in the cloud-native market. Both Fullstaq and True receive numerous requests from customers seeking enhanced support in their cloud-native journey. Now, we are perfectly positioned to fulfil those needs."  

"This merger gives us more business opportunities to create win-win situations for our valued customers. We will be their partner through the entire cloud-native journey, from connecting application architecture to scalable infrastructure and training developers to setting up a custom cloud-native infrastructure, maintenance, and management. Together, we will surpass our customers' expectations and set new standards in the industry," says Marilou van Doorn, CEO of True. 

By October 1, 2024, both companies will have integrated their operations, seamlessly aligning with the rapid advancements in the tech sector. The move is designed to exceed customer and stakeholder expectations, demonstrating our commitment to innovation and excellence.  

About Fullstaq   

Fullstaq is a fast-growing cloud-native services company that helps both start-ups and enterprises achieve their cloud-native and Kubernetes ambitions. Fullstaq focuses on the continuous development and management of DevOps-driven cloud solutions and container platforms, often based on open-source automation tooling and infrastructure-as-code. 

About True   

Whatever the ambition of our customers, we host it! True is the managed hosting and managed cloud provider for the fastest, best, and most secure digital solutions. Our purpose is to maximize the ambitions of our Trueligans, customers, and partners with digital technology, so they can be the best they can be and make a positive impact on the world. We do this for Tweakers, Prijsvrij, Mollie, CCV Shop, Amsterdam Dance Event, Amber Alert, and more. True offers managed hosting, managed cloud, managed Azure, managed AWS, and managed Kubernetes services, among others.  

True and Fullstaq are both part of The Digital Neighborhood.   

About The Digital Neighborhood   

The Digital Neighborhood is your destination for Microsoft Cloud and AI expertise. Together, we’re a growing community of entrepreneurial tech companies with over 1,335 IT consultants, engineers, and employees. All leading in our own fields, The Digital Neighborhood is made up of True, Fullstaq, Pink Elephant, Cmotions, 2Foqus, Focus Enterprise Solutions, GAC, Delegate, Projectum, Sulava, Iquality, and Active Professionals. Based in seven countries, our HQ is in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Partner with one of us and you can call on all of us:  






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