KubeCon attendee playing the Fullstaq VR game

From April 18th until April 21st, Fullstaq was present at KubeCon | CloudNativeCon Amsterdam. With a stand and an activation zone, it was the perfect event for the Dutch Kubernetes experts to be present.


KubeCon | CloudNativeCon is the flagship conference of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. It's the place to be for developers working with Kubernetes, and so we had to be there. 

The post-event recap shows that we had over 10,500 in-person attendees this Kubecon. On top of that, 5,500 viewed the speakers online. Together with the United States and Germany, the Netherlands was most represented in the conference halls. 


During the 3-day conference, 22 keynotes were held, and you could choose from 210 breakout presentations. One of those breakouts was the presentation of our own Erwin de Keijzer. He held his presentation about how he made his elevator with the cloud, in front of a completely stacked room. You can read all about his project in his blog.Erwin de Keijzer speaking about Project Coldplay

With Fullstaq we had two stands as a sponsor of the event. Our Dutch-themed stand, where we had some amazing talks with other visitors and sponsors. And we had our Activation Zone: the KubeClash free roam VR game. Well received and played during the whole conference. There wasn't a moment we didn't have two attendees battling it out on our floor.

KubeClash VR Game at KubeCon

It was an incredible experience, to be able to show our expertise and skill, and to meet all of you at the conference.

Watch our after movie here! 


Dewi is a marketeer at Fullstaq. She loves to be creative and think of new ideas for content, designs and fun things to do with and around Fullstaq.
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