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Last November Fullstaq gave their first ever open Kubernetes training. 13 people consisting of some of the most awesome engineers in the Netherlands started their Cloud Native journey with the Kubernetes for Admins training.

So far we have focussed on training our direct partners and customers and it has been a great success so far! Inspiring companies and people alike to dive into the awesome world of the Cloud Native way of working. This time though we decided to give a training that was open for people to sign up with.

The Kubernetes for Administrators training is designed for those who already have hands-on experience with Kubernetes and want to explore its deepest depths. During the training we went into Kubernetes, best practices but also had the chance to really dive in to some of the real world scenarios that happen.

Being able to share experience amongst the students led to great discussions and awesome solutions! We consider it an other great success, so we have decided to start giving more open training in 2022.

If you ever wanted to get into Kubernetes but wasn’t sure how to get started, keep an eye on our LinkedIn posts to see when the next Kubernetes for Admins and Kubernetes for Developers is and be sure to let us know! We would love to hear from you.

Fabian is a Cloud-Native Architect and Open Source Enthusiast. As one of the founders of Fullstaq, he is the technical heart and conscience of the company, helping customers and engineers with guidance and being a nice sparring partner.

To encompass Fabian's roles, we like to call him the TechFluencer. There is often a negative association with influencing or preaching some gospel and forcing opinions on others; instead, Fabian works closely with people to find out what those people and companies really want and need and makes sure the right resources from Fullstaq are made available to achieve those goals. Also, writing in the third person is something Fabian finds odd to do...

Please talk nerdy to Fabian; it is what he likes best!
November 24, 2022 | NEWS | 1 MINUTES

Three times in a row FD Gazellen 2022

Fullstaq has won for the third year in a row, FD Gazelle 2022. In this edition, Fullstaq has ranked 10th place in Region East, category Small.

August 01, 2022 | NEWS | 1 MINUTES

Guston Remie nominee EY Emerging Entrepreneur Of The Year 2022

We are very proud to announce that this year our CTO Guston Remie is one of the ten nominees for EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2022 in the category Emerging.

June 13, 2022 | | 1 MINUTES

Edgecase 2022

On the 24th of May, Fullstaq organized our first big in-person event: Edgecase 2022. We were proud to welcome more than 250 Kubernetes fans to DeFabrique in Utrecht to share the latest insights.