Integrating Venafi CodeSign Protect Jenkins - with Hongli Lai, Sushmita De, and Arnold van Wijnbergen

Welcome to the Fullstaq Show ‘n Tell. A webinar series where engineers showcase the technology they are working with. An easily accessible presentation with a couple of slides, a demo, and an opportunity to ask questions.

In this Show ‘n Tell we partner up with Venafi to demonstrate the work we’ve done to integrate the Venafi CodeSign Protect platform with Jenkins.


  • 0:00 – Gerrit Tamboer – Welcome and introduction
  • 0:05 – Sushmita De – Venafi CodeSign Protect platform
  • 0:10 – Arnold van Wijnbergen – About Fullstaq and the Jenkins plugin we’ve build
  • 0:25 – Hongli Lai – A demonstration of the Jenkins plugin
  • 0:50 – Q&A


Gerrit Tamboer - circle

Gerrit Tamboer
Webinar host @ Fullstaq

Sushmita DE - circle

Sushmita De
Global Solutions Architect @ Venafi

Arnold van Wijnbergen - circle

Arnold van Wijnbergen
Cloud Native architect @ Fullstaq

Hongli Lai - circle

Hongli Lai
SME Software Development @ Fullstaq

We are Fullstaq. We are a fast-growing cloud-native IT Services company that helps both start-ups and enterprises realize their Kubernetes ambitions. We succeed in cloud-native.
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