Kubernetes cost management with Kubecost

If you’re a part of a centralized team responsible for running and supporting Kubernetes platforms, this Show n’ Tell is for you!

The adoption of Kubernetes has grown by 300% since the first CNCF usage survey in 2016. Millions of developers leverage the platform, and every day new companies are running K8s in production. However, many teams struggle to understand where their cloud spend is going, i.e. which team, project, or application is spending how much, how efficiently, and on which infrastructure services.

Following last month’s session on Cloud FinOps, Webb Brown from Kubecost will share best practices on how to instrument proper cost allocation inside K8s and empower developers to optimize for maximum efficiency with a few real-world examples.


  • 0:00 – Welcome, introduction, and house rules
  • 0:05 – Webb Brown – Kubernetes cost management with Kubecost
  • 0:45 – Q&A


Gerrit Tamboer - circle

Gerrit Tamboer
Webinar host @ Fullstaq

Webb Brown

Webb Brown
CEO @ Kubecost

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